How the Solea Laser Can Make Your Trip to the Dentist Easier

By Aaron Strickland, D.D.S. on May 13, 2017

How the Solea Laser Can Make Your Trip to the Dentist Easier


During his many years preparing for his chosen profession in dentistry, Dr. Aaron Strickland knew that he not only wanted to provide patient-centered dental care to his patients, but he also wanted to change the way his patients viewed visiting the dentist. He knew that if he could reduce common dental anxieties, he could help get his patient the care they needed. That’s why he invested in the Solea laser system.


What is the Solea laser?


The Solea laser is a revolutionary computer-aided, CO2 laser system that replaces the dental drill that was used in the majority of procedures in dental practices. Solea can be used in many dental procedures for both teeth and gums from simple cavities, to complex surgeries.


A recent study found that nearly 30% of Americans are so terrified of coming to the dentist that they would rather live with excruciating dental pain for weeks or months before making their appointment. The Solea laser changes these experiences and causes virtually no pain, vibration, or noise. In fact, nearly every patient skips anesthesia because they just don’t need it.


What are the benefits of the Solea laser?


Virtually Pain-Free and Anesthesia-Free


Our patients are amazed at their experience with the Solea laser. Nearly all of our patients tell us that they experience no pain with the Solea laser, because there is no need for a needle to numb your tooth, no uncomfortable pressure or sensations, and no lingering pain after the procedure. Because there is no need for anesthesia, patients can drive themselves to and from their appointments, and don’t have to take extra time off work for recovery.


Virtually Noiseless


While many dental patients in the past have experienced anxiety caused by the drilling or vibrating sound of a traditional dental drill, the Solea laser is virtually noiseless. This helps to put patients at ease and reduce their anxiety and tension.


Virtually Blood-Free and Suture-Free


Many people do not like visiting the dentist because they don’t like the sight or smell of blood. By using laser dentistry, Dr. Strickland can significantly reduce the amount of blood that dental procedures cause. In fact, the Solea laser causes almost no bleeding!


Short Healing Period


Since laser dentistry with Solea is so precise and does not make a large incision, patients heal much faster than they did with traditional dental procedures. The procedure take much less time to perform and many patients feel like themselves before even leaving the office.


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