How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost?

By Aaron Strickland, D.D.S. on August 21, 2018


A missing tooth can do more than just cause a gap in your smile. It can cause a change bite, changes in speech, allow the other teeth to shift, and even increase the risk of periodontal disease.

Like dentures and dental implants, dental bridges are a way to replace missing teeth. A dental bridge is a fixed solution that is not removable. This method of replacing missing teeth involves connecting (or bridging) two existing teeth or dental implants with a replacement tooth, called a pontic.

Cost of a Dental Bridge

Like anything in the medical or dental field, the cost of a dental bridge depends on your individual needs. In general, a dental bridge is one of the more affordable ways to replace a missing tooth. However, it is important to note that bridges typically only last about 10 years before needing to be replaced, whereas some other restorations, such as dental implants, can last a lifetime. Some considerations for the cost of a dental bridge are listed below.

Number of Pontics Used

31692145_sThe cost of a dental bridge usually ranges from about $500 per pontic, to $1,200 per pontic. Thus, a bridge with only one pontic will cost less than a bridge with two or three pontics. So, while you may only be replacing a single missing tooth, you might have three pontics and the cost will be scaled accordingly.

Additional Dental Treatments Needed

Depending on the health of the adjacent teeth, additional dental treatments may be needed to prepare them for the bridge. These treatments are often performed at the same time as a bridge is placed. Although these procedures are not necessarily part of the cost of the bridge itself, they should be considered for the final total.

Materials Used

Some advanced materials, such as zirconia or certain types of porcelain, will cost more than other types of bridges. However, because these materials are so durable, they will last longer and can be considered more of an investment in your smile and dental health.

Coverage Provided by Dental Insurance

Most dental insurance plans cover a portion of the dental bridge cost. However, we recommend that you review your plan before your appointment to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Complexity of Placement

Lengthy or more advanced dental bridge procedures will cost more. For example, an implant-supported bridge will cost more than a traditional crown-supported restoration.

Type of Bridge

implant-supported bridgeThe cost of a dental bridge also depends on which type of bridge you choose. There are four main types of dental bridges: traditional, Maryland bonded, cantilever, and implant-supported. Traditional usually cost the least, while implant-supported usually cost the most, due to the more intensive placement.

Geographic Location

Like any product, the cost of a dental bridge will also account for supply and demand of the dentist’s geographic location. If you live in a larger, urban area, or an area with a greater need for tooth replacement, it is possible that your dentist charges more for a dental bridge due to higher demand.

Still Have Questions?

 While these aren’t the only factors that will be considered in the final cost of your dental implants, they can help give you an idea of what to expect. Of course, the best way to determine the cost of a dental bridge is to consult with your dentist.

The dentists at White River Dental are eager to hear from you and answer all of your questions about dental bridges and other types of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We have the experience, tools, and knowledge to help you find the right choice for your wants, needs, and budget. Connect with us on Facebook, submit the online contact form below, or give us a call today at (812)378-2041.

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