SmileLok: Implant Retained Dentures

Replacing missing teeth with implant retained dentures


Usually, when you lose a tooth, it is best for your oral health to have it replaced. Missing teeth can affect your “bite” as well as your ability to speak and chew. Their loss can increase the burden on your remaining teeth and can cause muscle pain in your jaws and headaches. And of course, losing a tooth can affect your appearance. The following information reviews replacing missing teeth with an implant retained denture.

Although many patients have no problem wearing an upper denture, some people find it difficult to wear and eat with lower dentures. Several implant-supported replacement options are available if you are missing all of your lower teeth.

SmileLok Uses BioHorizons Implants

BioHorizions Implants are used on the Catholic Pope, as well as Kings and Queens of the European and Middle Eastern Continent.

The success of the tooth replacement with implants depends on the solid connection between the implants and your Jaw. By using BioHorizons we maximize this connection with unique engineered thread design helping to achieve stability second to non.

Why SmileLok?

  • Same-day fixed bridge implant (PMMA Acrylic base bridge)
  • High success rate procedure globally 
  • Done under IV Sedation

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What Does this Mean for You?

  • Smarter. Faster. Smaller. Stronger.
  • Functional Core Component Design
  • Smaller Pins Increase Implant Comfort
  • Precise Placement Implants
  • Smaller Prosthetic Holes Needed