Meet the Staff at White River Dental

Providing Exceptional Dental Care in Columbus IN

Our Dental Assistants

Shannon, Kenzie, Amber, Matt, Edina, Renate, Victoria, Chantelle, Becca, Sam, Ashley, and Shelby

Our Dental Hygienists

Jessica, Brenda, Heather, Elizabeth, and Caitlin

Our Call Center Team

Shannon, Brooke, Kim, Kelli, Marina, and Amber

Our Front Desk Team

Jocelyn, Kelsei, Madison, Rachel, and Kirsten

Our HR and Business Management Team

Janet (Business Manager) and Emma (HR Manager)

Our Office Team

Adelina (Marketing Coordinator), Kacey (Sedation Coordinator), Rachel (Prior Authorization Coordinator), and Kathy (Insurance Coordinator) 

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